V. Anuradha

Educational Qualification: MA (ELT), MAPC (App)

A versatile personality and distinguished career counsellor with an experience of 17 years.

From the desk of Director.

Education is not just for knowledge, it is also for enhancement of students' future prospects. Emphasising the futuristic approach, Vector Academy diligently prepares students for different competitive exams to achieve their set goals. Vector adopts a student-centric-approach to make students active learners. It takes ceaseless efforts in developing competitive temperament which helps achieving holistic growth of children.

Once rote learning was a sure way to achieve good marks. It gave stress on memorization. But it is almost infeasible as a vast expanse of knowledge is made open for students. As such, more balanced and experiential approach is required to boost students' aptitude, thinking abilities and techniques of using acquired knowledge. This approach is crucial for Competitive as well as Board Examinations.

Vector Academy's experiential learning approach promotes analytical thinking in students. Our trained faculties prepare students for their Annual Exams as well as different competitive exams like NSTSE, IMO, MTSE, Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Spardha etc and National Entrance Exams like NEET, JEE (Mains & Advanced), MHT CET, IISER etc.

Vector also conduct special seminars, workshops and guidance sessions to boost students’ performance and to motivate them to achieve excellence. During the crucial phase of Covid-19 pandemic, we provided extensive online classes and kept our excellence. To build community spirit, field trip was organized strictly f0llowing Covid norms. Providing a platform to students’ talents, 'A Hand on Experiment' Exhibition was conducted which was appraised by parents, teachers and experts as well. These and many more comprehensive steps are taken to ensure students' progress.

Thus, Vector assures its students Quality Education with sheer Excellence.

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