Student Code of Conduct

Vector Academy imparts quality education and prepares students as winners in the highly Competitive World. It imparts value-based, student-centric, community-oriented, flexible education with continuous evaluation.

  • The faculty would ensure that the student shall adhere to educational values.  
  • The administration would monitor the implementation of the rules and regulations.
  • The administration and faculty will be vigilant to ensure that the code of conduct is strictly followed
  • The code of conduct shall apply to all the students of the Foundation & the Expert Programmes.
  • All the Students are directed to strictly adhere to the Code of conduct as a pre-condition of their admission.

Students’ Responsibilities:
Students studying at Vector Academy are responsible

  • To read, understand and agree to this code and must give an undertaking agreeing on adherence to this Code and its amendments brought from time to time.
  • To behave and conduct themselves in campus & premises should be decent.
  • To follow formal dressing manners.  All students should wear clean and appropriate attire.
  • To imbibe scientific research temperament by accessing all learning and educational facilities.
  • To be vigilant and report any violation of this Code to the respective faculty or administrative authorities.
  • The parents/guardians are expected to understand the importance of the discipline and cooperate with the administration in the enforcement of the code of conduct for the betterment of their wards.
  • The students must participate in all curricular activities and other allied programmes conducted by Vector Academy.
  • Students should not participate in cheating or plagiarising their work or the work of others.
  • Students should be honest in all academic activities and with all staff and co-students.
  • Students should not wear or carry any item of expensive jewellery/ articles nor should bring/ keep excess money or costly electronic gadgets. The administration is not responsible for any theft/ loss of such valuable items/ money.
  • Any conduct which leads to lowering of the esteem of the institute is prohibited.
  • To appraise the parents/guardians regarding the existing code of conduct enforced by Vector Academy.

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Vector Academy works with a Mission to put a strong academic foundation for students whereby they would be enabled to garner success in their chosen fields. Imparting Quality Education with a Magnitude of Excellence & Directing it to carve out students’ Career with Brilliant Success in Competitive Exam. We have highly qualified, experienced and motivated faculty who are ready to provide all kind of help to the students.